[VIDEO] Man Follows Woman Around Target To Public Shame Her As A “Bad American” For Not Being Vaccinated

Karen Ashley

I’d really only trust his input about which granola was more nutritionally dense.

If this man believes so strongly in his own vaccine, why is he wearing a mask?

Then, he continues to follow an unvaccinated person around? Excuse me, sir, six feet!

FFS, he even has a badge on his shirt that says he’s vaccinated. But it’s about health and safety, right? …totally not about virtue-signaling. Give me a break.

Additionally, he stated that his wife is a specialist in infectious diseases and then continued to suggest that this woman (the one who’s filming) is somehow insulting his wife?

That’s a weird thing to call your mother.

Just remember that your average leftist typically ends up being the authoritarian figure they so vehemently claim to despise.

Anyways, it warmed my heart that so many bystanders were telling him to leave this woman alone and fully supported her, even after she admitted that she voted for Donald Trump. Check this out –