Have You Caught On To The Dreams Trend? Stop What You’re Doing And Listen To This Chick’s Voice.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

If you’re up on social media trends, perhaps you know about the resurgence of Fleetwood Mac’s (and specifically Stevie Nicks’) song Dreams.  It all started with a TikTokker riding a skateboard to the song while drinking cranberry juice. 

A zillion people, including members of Fleetwood Mac themselves, have put their own spin on that and released their own videos in response.  But one in particular, of a rising vocalist, caught my attention.  She’s not skateboarding, she’s just singing (although she does have a jug of cranberry juice!), and you guys – her voice.  Her voice is so gorgeous it literally hurts.

Listen, follow Lanie Gardner on her various channels, and encourage this young brilliant singer to keep on singing, because DAYUM.