Seattle City Council Won The Vote To Override Mayor’s Veto On ‘Defund The Police’ Movement

Mary R

The ABC affiliate in Seattle reports that the Seattle City Council voted to override Mayor Durkan’s veto on their budget, including significant cuts to the Seattle Police Department. The decision came down to a 7-2 vote in favor of the overriding the Mayor’s veto.

The report says that the only two council members who voted against the override were Alex Pederson and Debora Juarez. The vote came after hours of public debate over their intent to defund their police department.

The effort to defund the Seattle Police Department was met with swift criticism from President Trump. It was also was the determining factor in the resignation of Seattle’s black female Police Chief.

The report states that Seattle City Council President, Lorena Gonzalez said, “when I look back in this moment in time, I want to be able to tell my daughter, who I am currently holding in my arms, that I did the right thing, and that I voted on the right side of history.”

The city council claims that the money taken from the police department’s budget will invest in black and indigenous communities. “In my mind, the choice is clear, we owe our black and indigenous community members about 400 years of investments,” says Councilmember Tammy Morales.


As part of the amended budget proposed by the council, which has now been officially adopted, the spending plan calls for:

  • Cutting the police department staff by roughly 100 officers;
  • Eliminating the department’s Navigation Team, which serves as an outreach effort to the homeless. The council voted 7-2 to override this budget bill, while voting 9-0 to override the other budget bills.
  • Trimming the salaries of SPD’s command staff.

The Council’s 2020 amended budget will strip the department of roughly $3 million, which equates to less than a 1 percent defunding of the department’s 2020 budget.

These suggested cuts will now fall on the Durkan Administration for implementation.”

This is the nail in the coffin for any type of law and order in Seattle. I hope the people of Seattle can see through this sham. They should be demanding the City Council retire. The Mayor should be in jail.

I cannot believe with everything we know about policing and how important it is in low-income neighborhoods that a city in America would vote for this. People will suffer as a result. The people of Seattle are about to find out what happens when you allow Democrats to control your city for too long.

This is shameful.

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