Friends Reboot With All Black Cast TOTALLY FIXES RACISM, Y’all.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

There are not enough eyerolls.

According to the sourcelink, an episode of Friends was re-enacted with an all-black cast that’ll feature Gabrielle Union, Sterling K Brown, Ryan Bathe, Uzo Aduba, Aisha Hinds, Kendrick Sampson, and Jeremy Pope. It’s one of those table reading thingies that otherwise bored and temporarily-unemployed actors are engaging in at the moment, and it happened on Zoom.  It looked like this:

Why was this a thing?  Because RACISM IS SOLVED WITH RE-ENACTING WHITE TV SHOWS, you guys.  You didn’t know that?  Also, it was to benefit a voting registration group called When We All Vote.

Wokeness, racism and voting go hand in hand, as you know.

The episode that this group of folks re-enacted was Season 3’s The One Where No One’s Ready – which you may recall as being the one where Joey wore ALL of Chandler’s clothes.

The ACTUAL Friends reboot/reunion show that was supposed to have already happened with the original cast has been delayed because of Covid.  And now that we’re several years past the height of that show’s popularity, naturally it’s time to talk about how totally racist it was, what with its white cast and whatnot.  This past summer, one of the show’s creators, Marta Kauffman, was all emotional about how racist her show was, saying, “I wish I knew then what I know today. Sorry, I just wish I knew then what I know now. I would’ve made very different decisions.”

Really?  Well, guess what! Different decisions may have resulted in a very different cast dynamic, which may have resulted in a very different success outcome.  The show was successful because of the chemistry between THOSE SPECIFIC CAST MEMBERS.

Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe) and David Schwimmer (Ross) have also talked about the lack of diversity on the show.  David said he had a lot to do with the fact that one of his on-screen girlfriends was Asian American, and another was black.

Ok – so the show WAS diverse then?  Pick a lane.

Here’s the thing. It’s fine if this group of black actors wanted to do a zoom reading of a Friends episode.  But I have no idea how having no diversity in this zoom reading is any different than having no diversity in the original casting. This is basically saying, “LOOK! We’re all black and we’re taking over parts that were played by all white people!”  Ok….so? Does this change the diversity game?  Does this zoom read atone for the lack of diversity in the original show?  WHAT DOES THIS ACTUALLY DO?

How about creating a new script? How about some creativity?  How about some fresh content? Is that so hard?

Hollywood is ridiculous.