Opinion: Breonna Taylor’s Death Was A Horrible Tragedy, Made Worse By Dishonest Media Narratives, And Mob Violence


Breonna Taylor’s death was heart wrenching and disturbing, and I send my most sincere condolences to her family and friends. Marmee Rooke wrote about this case earlier on Wednesday, here.

With Wednesday’s announcement from Kentucky’s AG Daniel Cameron, I have some observations and three essential questions. Allow me to highlight what I’ve seen today on Twitter, take a look at all of this, and then you decide for yourselves.

Kentucky’s AG Cameron is in an unenviable position. Still, it is clear after listening to the facts and evidence from this case, the person to blame for Taylor’s death seems to have been her boyfriend, who took it upon himself to shoot at the cops as they entered after knocking with a warrant. The facts change everything about the case and discredit what the media has been propagandizing about it for months.

The facts tell us, there were no racist cop happenings in this case. The officers obtained a legal warrant, they acted on it, knocked and announced themselves, and entered the residence. Taylor’s boyfriend proceeded to fire his gun at the officers; the officers returned fire; sadly, Breonna Taylor was caught in the crossfire. Imagine how everything would have changed if Breonna’s boyfriend would not have immediately shot at the officers.

But that doesn’t matter to liberal politicians, the media, or the BLM/Antifa mob because the evidence doesn’t make for a good politically racist narrative and the facts don’t support more rioting, but here we go again.

Three questions:

(1) WHEN WILL MEDIA HACKS BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE for pushing false narratives that divide the country?

(2) WHO IS FUNDING THE RIOTS and what the heck, FBI Director Wray? Anyone who sees this stuff on Twitter has a better eye on Antifa thugs than Wray’s FBI. It’s about time for Wray’s removal from his FBI post. I’m not sure about you, but I’ve not seen a single ‘white supremacist’ across all rioting footage I’ve seen to date. But for Wray, it seems to be like a case of “where’s Waldo-supremacist?” when the bigger crowd right in front of him is full of BLM funded Marxists and Antifa Anarchists. EARTH TO WRAY.

(3) When will rioters who threaten the lives of others be held accountable for their violent acts?

Enough is enough. These rioters and those who fund them are seemingly using the tragic death of Breonna Taylor to yet again fuel their Marxism and Anarchy. These riots and violence are an insurrection at this point. But why? Because…Trump. AND the media’s false narratives are helping them pull it off.

That’s my take, and that’s the tragedy for all of us, but you can decide for yourself.