Attorney Joel Schwartz Accuses St. Louis Prosecutor Of Tampering With Evidence In McCloskey Gun Case, Report Says

Karen Ashley


For LAWYERS to screw something up so badly, nonetheless in their home town, in the face of protecting their property during a time when laws are being heavily scrutinized already, just didn’t add up.

According to The Federalist:

The gun Patricia McCloskey waved at a mob surrounding her home last month was inoperable at the time, but the St. Louis prosecutor’s office ordered the city’s crime lab to re-assemble it into working order after confiscating the firearm, according to a local Missouri TV station reporting Wednesday.

The McCloskey couple sought to deter rioters from their expensive home by using their legal weapons outside of their residence. However, Missouri law requires that the weapons are not readily operable, and thus incapable of causing any fatal damages.

Due to the prosecutor’s tampering, the McCloskey couple was initially charged with unlawful use of their weapons.

So, technically, the couple’s weaponry operations were as effective as unloaded Nerf guns.

The Federalist reported:

According to 5 On Your Side, Assistant Circuit Attorney Chris Hinckley directed crime lab staff to take apart Patricia’s firearm. They then discovered it was put together incorrectly, making it incapable of operation.

Gun experts at the lab, according to the local NBC affiliate based on charging documents in the case, reconstructed the weapon correctly and successfully test-fired it.

Attorney Joel Schwartz, who is representing the McCloskeys, who are personal injury lawyers, told 5 On Your Side the McCloskeys purposefully misplaced the weapon’s firing pin to make it incapable of shooting.

Hmm. Tampering with evidence to push a narrative. AND the narrative pertains to our Second Amendment… very interesting indeed.

There will always be naysayers and a$$ scratchers, but if you know how to be effective in exercising your constitutional rights, the truth will come out eventually.