Congrats, Joe Rogan. You’re Just Another Celebrity Blowhard Hypocrite.

Daisy, Co-Founder

Remember when Joe Rogan had hair on the show News Radio?   Me too.

Good times.  I love bald men, y’all, and I gotta tell ya – Joe Rogan is ruining that for me today.

I remember writing about him two years ago and his stance on 2A.  Pretty solid stuff.  He’s had some decent points about things here and there throughout the years, but then he completely lost me with his Bernie Sanders crap.  It was like Rhonda Rousey got a hold of him and put him in a headlock and told him to do it.  OR ELSE. (Y’all know she could take him.)

In case you don’t remember what went down with his ‘pseudo-endorsement,’  Joe has a podcast now, and he basically endorsed pinko-commie Bernie Sanders on that show.  Coincidentally, it was about a half second after Joe made a crap ton of money being an actor-turned-UFC-commentator-turned podcaster.

You know, in capitalist America.  

It’s funny how that works with these folks, isn’t it?  They become Hollywood skabillionaires and then crank a giant dook on the very system that made them said skabillionaire, because they completely lose touch with what it’s like to be a real American.  Celebrities and politicians, amirite? I honestly don’t care who they are or how relatable they TRY to be – it’s like they all drink the same potion.  It makes them utterly un-self-aware of their non-normalness.

Enter today.  Mock sends me this clip, knowing that it may make my head explode.  Most of y’all know that while Indiana is our first home, Mr. Daisy and I have land in Texas (and we have amazing neighbors and we leave parts of our hearts there every time we go) and we’re going to retire there one day.  If you want to get me fired up, start a conversation with me about how Californians are currently INVADING Texas.  Why are they doing that, you ask?  Because a lot of them are utter morons who have metaphorically crapped where they eat – and now they can’t deal with the smell anymore, so they have to move to Texas.  You know, so they can crap there and RUIN IT, TOO.   Convenient for them, huh?  These people just make messes.  They have no clue how to take responsibility for themselves.

Joe Rogan is one of those blowhards who is apparently sick of the TAXES in California.  Well, boo flippin’ hoo.

Behold the unbelievable asshattery, right there in the first 45 seconds:

I’ll remind you again.  This is the dude who endorsed SOCIALIST Bernie Sanders (the guy who wanted to tax us all at like 70% – no big whoop).  Joe’s guy was the poster boy for the ultimate high-tax liberalism, and now Joe has the audacity to complain about how high the taxes are in California.  You know, out loud.  I’ve mentioned that his podcast is crazy-successful, right?

(Kylie Jenner is a billionaire, too, and I’ve heard that she can’t do a load of laundry, but that’s neither here nor there.)

Anywho, here’s a tip, Joe.  If you don’t like the TAXES out there in Cali, maybe you should hold your current (liberal) politicians accountable.  Maybe you should start asking WHY California sucks so hard right now.  You think it has something to do with the fact that it’s run by Democrats?  The VERY people that you are so eager to endorse, yet you’re now ready to skip town because those people have made it so UNLIVABLE? If you’re mad about paying high taxes, it seems to me that you should be using your massive platform to endorse people for office that are all about LOW TAXES.

Texas is Red (right now) and run by Republicans.  That’s a big reason why it’s awesome.  California is blue, and that’s why is sucks so hard.  This isn’t brain surgery, Joe.  If you’re sick of taxes, try endorsing someone who isn’t a commie.  Or maybe quit being just another celebrity blowhard hypocrite.  For crying out loud, at least try to be original.


Post script (because Bernie Braaaaaaaahs have issues):  When I said “…like 70%” above, it was hyperbole.  I actually typed 90% and erased it, because I truly feel like Bernie Sanders would be ecstatic to take 90% of our money if given the chance.  So for the love of my sanity, quit sending me links about his tax plans, because 1. he’ll never be president, thank you Jesus.  2. I already know what he promised, because I do this for a living, and 3. I don’t CARE what his tax plans are or were, because he’s a commie and commies LIE.  Also, you missed the entire point of this post.