Whitmer Whines, Flynn Judge Wants Attention, Pelosi Wants To Spend More, And Everything Is Completely Stupid This Morning.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

Do you ever just want to punch the latest news in the face?  Because that’s how I feel this morning.

Let’s start with one of the top stories, which is that after AG Barr dismissed the charges against Michael Flynn late last week, and we all thought this nightmare would rightly end for him, the judge in the case, Emmet Sullivan decided he’d postpone RULING on the case until he’d had a chance to review “amicus curiae” – which are basically opinions submitted by “friends of the court.”  Why is that a big deal?  Because he’d earlier refused to hear amicus briefs in this case, when he thought they might be submitted by supporters of Flynn.  Now that almost 2000 former DOJ officials have signed a petition against AG Barr, the judge is super interested in hearing more about their opinions, because he’s clearly a political hack.

What does that mean for Flynn?  That his nightmare isn’t over, and that he’s left in limbo while the judge and everyone else use his life as a political weapon.  It’s vile on every level.

Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi has just revealed ANOTHER spending bill that she’s calling a coronavirus relief package, but which is really just an excuse for her to plunge our country into more impossible debt.  It’s for over 3 trillion dollars, you guys.  And it includes another $5 million for House offices so that they can “advance their tech capabilities”  for the legislators and their staff.  Because, you know, the last 20 million in the first package wasn’t enough.

It also includes hazard pay for front line healthcare workers, which, as much as I appreciate what they do, is total bullsh*t. How about instead of hazard pay, you open the economy back up so the healthcare workers who’ve had their hours cut or their facilities close can just have their regular jobs back and they can continue to do the jobs they signed up to do?

It includes an extension on the extra $600 per week in unemployment (that’s on TOP of regular unemployment). It also includes money to support voting by mail, which is wrong for all sorts of reasons.  And it has a bunch of money to bail out the US Postal Service.

The Senate is saying it’s dead on arrival, but the fact that this is the crap that Pelosi is spending her time on says a lot, particularly because NO Republicans were even allowed to participate in the discussion on the bill.

Congress is useless right now.

And speaking of power hungry hags, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is in a huff because her legislature has tried to put a stop to her giant overreach by suing her over it.  And do you know what she had the gall to say about that?

Check it:

“This is more than a political bluff for a dissatisfied coequal branch of government holding a losing hand under applicable law. It is a power grab cloaked in the fineries of unfounded legal reasoning.”

Oral arguments will start Friday.  This whole thing started because Whitmer extended her stay at home order, which she is apparently not allowed to do without legislature approval, which she didn’t have.

I hope she loses and that she loses BIG.  I’m sick of arrogant power-hungry dillholes like her.

I’m sick of ALL of the news today already, and it’s not even 7am ET.