26-Year-Old Dies During Childbirth — Family Says It Was A Treatable Condition that Went Undiagnosed Due to COVID-19 Restrictions


This story is so sad and so outrageous.

Amber Rose Isaac, of New York, died from pregnancy complications after being unable to get in-person prenatal appointments due to the coronavirus, according to her family’s statements in People Magazine.

She was only 26 years old.

From The Blaze:

Amber Rose Isaac, 26, died on April 21 when her heart stopped shortly after giving birth to her son, Elias. The child’s father, Bruce McIntyre, called the death “100% preventable” if she had been able to get an in-person appointment in the months leading up to her death.

Isaac began noticing her platelet levels decreasing beginning in February, McIntyre said, but she couldn’t get an in-person appointment despite being seven months pregnant. Her regular check-ups were handled virtually, with her filling out a questionnaire and checking her blood pressure.

She was finally admitted to Montefiore Hospital in The Bronx in mid-April after her condition got worse. That same day, April 17, Isaac posted her final tweet — a criticism of how she was treated by the hospital.

“Can’t wait to write a tell all about my experience during my last two trimesters dealing with incompetent doctors at Montefiore,” she wrote.

Doctors induced labor three days later, more than a month ahead of her expected due date, because she had been diagnosed with HELLP Syndrome. HELLP is described by WebMD as a condition that “causes problems with your blood, liver, and blood pressure. If left untreated, these issues can hurt you and your baby.”

Isaac died alone because her family was not allowed in the room for the emergency C-section due to coronavirus precautions. Her condition is something people rarely die from, especially when they’re able to notice the issue and be treated early.

“It’s very hard being in this home and imagining her here with us,” McIntyre told The Guardian. “She never got to even meet him. She never got to see him. And she was just so thrilled about having him.”

Her death was preventable. Now, sadly, due to the hysteria regarding coronavirus, her child will grow up without a mother.

“It’s definitely not something that people in the United States generally die from,” said Dr. Joia Crear-Perry, founder and president of the National Birth Equity Collaborative, according to The Guardian. “If you are a person who has been receiving prenatal care and people are aware that you have something going on, it’s not a surprise, you’re able to manage it with treatment.”

Like so many in these past few months, she died alone. This is such an awful tragedy all the way around.

Sadly though, this news is not all that surprising. Who among us has not had our regular appointments canceled during this pandemic? My kid’s pediatrician told me she has spoken to ER docs and they are very concerned about the lack of visits to the ER. People are not seeking needed care because of fear.

How many women have had pap smears or mammograms canceled? How long will it take them to feel safe to go in and actually reschedule? There will no doubt be cases of delayed cancer diagnoses. This will likely affect the prognosis for some.

Most people are willing to take COVID-19 seriously. But it should be taken seriously only in proportion to the actual risk. Unfortunately, the government and media have scared people so much, and enacted so many restrictions, that people are dying as a result.

But at least we have enough ventilators, right?

I pray for peace and comfort for this family. I also pray that our government officials and medical leaders learn from this so that something like this never happens again.