WATCH: Man Gets Fired Up And Unloads On Police Officer; “This Is tyranny. It’s America. And What You Guys Are Doing Is Ruining Our Community”


Watch this video of this man in California just GOING OFF on the police about his constitutional rights. He is FIRED UP.

It appears from the video the policeman asked for his name and ID, without cause, according to the man.

I tend to believe the police were asking for ID without any real cause. Why? Because, as you’ll see, the officer, when confronted, simply walked away.

WARNING…there are LOTS of f-bombs.

“They take one f-ing inch, and they go for the f-ing mile.”

Can’t say I disagree with the man here.

“You don’t need to ask for my ID. I didn’t break any f-ing laws. And you know what, the fraud that is being perpetrated against this country with these f-ing orders, is f-ing totally unconstitutional.”

The man has a point here. I am so tired of people saying it’s the LAW to wear a mask, socially distance, not gather in church, etc. No, they are not LAWS. I have not seen any legislative body pass these so-called laws. These are dictates and rules passed down from governors. And truthfully, many of them would probably be found unconstitutional if they were challenged in court. But then again, courts would have to open for such a challenge, wouldn’t they?

It’s too bad we don’t have video from the very beginning of this confrontation. Is this man a freedom-fighting patriot? Perhaps. Is he a nutcase? Maybe.

I tend to think this man is just fed up. In any case, I am thankful for people like him who are pushing back against the suppression of our freedoms and standing up for our constitutional rights.

Let me be clear: I stand with the men and women in blue. However, in these unprecedented times, people’s rights and freedoms are being violated. Governors are putting the men and women in blue in a terrible position. It’s sad they have to take the brunt of the pushback for decisions that were not their own.