BREAKING: L.A. County ‘Will Likely Extend’ Stay-At-Home Orders for Next THREE MONTHS, Depending On Conditions


Holy cow, people!

L.A. County Director of Public Health, Barbara Ferrer, has said that L.A. County will likely extend their stay-at-home order for three more months. That is through AUGUST.

I’m with Buck Sexton. I cannot fathom people complying with this for that long. No way!

Although county health officer Dr. Muntu Davis has not issued an official extension, Ferrer said that timeline would shorten only if there was a “dramatic change to the virus and tools at hand.”

“Our hope is that by using the data, we’d be able to slowly lift restrictions over the next three months,” she said. But without widely available testing for the coronavirus or rapid home kits that would allow people to test themselves daily, it seems unlikely that the social distancing directives and stay-at-home orders would be completely eased.

Reopening will be a five-phase process, like many other states. L.A. County has begun to allow more businesses to do curbside pickup, and beaches will reopen Wednesday.

Too bad the economy will be held hostage for the next three months apparently. What will be left in August in terms of businesses and jobs? This will be absolutely devastating.

I’ll close with a reminder of how this all began.

“Fifteen days” has now turned into three-plus months of quarantining healthy people.