Carnival Cruise Lines Flooded with Bookings for Return to Service in August


Carnival Cruise Line saw their bookings skyrocket after opening up their phone lines to schedule cruises beginning August 1st.

If you are looking for an ultra-cheap vacation, then look no further than pandemic cruising. You will get bang for your buck. Carnival is advertising 4-day cruises out of Florida for as little as $109 per person.

Cruise Planners, a company that books cruises for the world’s largest cruise liner, said bookings shot up by 600 percent when Carnival announced that it would begin again on August 1,

The spike is a 200 percent increase over last year.

Cruise Planners told TMZ those cruise-bookers were “not a bit concerned about traveling at this time” because many said they were in good health and were looking forward to some fun after being in quarantine for several months.

Carnival is not guaranteeing that they will set sail on August 1st, but that is the hope and goal.

“We are taking a measured approach, focusing on the potential for sailing from a select number of homeports where we have more significant operations that are easily accessible by car for the majority of our guests,” Carnival Cruise Line said in a press statement last week.

“We continue to work with various government agencies, including the CDC, as we introduce new onboard protocols, but there is no assurance of a return on August 1.”

Cruising has never been my cup of tea, even pre-pandemic. I don’t like the feeling of being trapped on a ship or such a regimented vacation. Now though, you could not pay me enough to go on a cruise! Cruises have already proven to be an amazing breeding ground for this contagious disease to pass quickly. Hopefully, at least older people who are a large percentage of cruisers, avoid this type of vacation for the foreseeable future.


Some people do not think this is a good idea, at all.

Here’s to hoping this all goes well for the cruisers.

Would YOU go cruising this summer?