Hero Construction Worker Saves Dog’s Life


No politics on this post people. Just a heartwarming, feel-good story of everyday people helping one another.

A construction worker saved the life of a German Shepherd named Jett. Jett had swallowed a ball, choked, and had stopped breathing.

From Breitbart:

The three-year-old dog, Jett, was choking in the backseat of his owner’s car after he swallowed a ball during a game of fetch, the Staunton News Leader reported.

Jett’s owner, Teresa Perkins, tried to go above the speed limit to the veterinarian’s office to save his life, but ended up stuck in traffic because of construction.

Perkins frantically honked her horn in the hopes someone would help her and wound up catching the attention of a few construction workers who rushed to help her.

“By then, my dog was pretty much dead,” she told the News Leader. “He was laying in the car, not moving. I had heard him breathe, like gasping, but then he quit. I was frantically crying and praying.”

But one quick-thinking worker was able to maneuver his arm down Jett’s throat to pull the ball out and then give the animal mouth-to-mouth while one of his coworkers egged him on, Perkins said.

His actions worked, and Jett started breathing again. Perkins was able to continue to drive to the veterinarian’s office, where the staff was expecting them so that he could be examined. Jett was quickly released.

Perkin’s daughter and the hero both tried to find out each other’s identities with the help of social media. In the urgency of the moment, they had not exchanged information. Thankfully, they were able to connect.

If anyone knows the ladie come by our work zone on Delphine in front off Speedy’s about an hour ago that had the…

Posted by Cavaja Holt on Wednesday, May 6, 2020

I admit I am a big scaredy-cat and would’ve been reluctant to put my hand down the dog’s throat.

How much do you want to bet that Jett will play with a jumbo size ball from now on?