Jesse Watters Shatters Every Media Lie About Coronavirus In 4 Minutes Straight — Opinion

OPINION — This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Karen Ashley

Believe me when I say that this will be four minutes well spent.

No matter how many times the left has been brutally fact-checked, they still attempt to publicize fake news and smear President Trump.

On “Watters World,” Jesse Watters, a host at Fox News, delivered a monologue to convey just how much fake news has been passed around in the midst of this ongoing pandemic.

“There’s a lot of fake news on Trump’s war on the coronavirus whirling around Washington, Watters said. “I’m not going to explain it all in detail. We just don’t have the time. I’m just going to tell it to you straight up so we can move on.”

Here are the blatant facts:

1. “The Trump Administration did not cut funding for the CDC.”

Watters noted that despite the Democrats’ claims that Trump cut funding for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, federal funding for the top public health institute has actually gone up every year that Trump has been in office.

2. “Trump did not get rid of the pandemic unit at the National Security Council.”

Contrary to claims made by leading Democrats, the NSC’s pandemic unit was not dissolved, it just moved to another different division under a different title, as Watters explained.

3. “The Trump Administration did not refuse to accept testing kits from the World Health Organization.”

Biden has accused the administration of “refusing” to accept testing kits from the WHO, but as PolitiFact has noted, this is not true. “The WHO never offered to sell test kits to the United States,” wrote fact-checkers. “The CDC opted to develop its own coronavirus test and did not use the WHO’s protocol for the test. Other developed countries with advanced research capabilities developed their own tests.”

4. “Trump has not muzzled his scientists.”

Media outlets, such as Business Insider and others, have accused the Trump administration of silencing its top scientists. This is also false and has been debunked by the scientists themselves.

Watters noted that the scientists are literally on television every single day to provide updates. I, myself, have listened to these scientists every day on Fox News.

5. “Trump did not tell governors ‘you’re on your own’ with having to buy ventilators.”

Members of the New York Times edited a recommendation Trump made to the country’s governors to try obtaining ventilators on their own to make him appear cruel and insensitive. “Trump to Governors on Ventilators: ‘Try Getting It Yourselves'” read a Times headline. However, the full quote shows what the president was telling the governors is that they could probably obtain ventilators and medical supplies more quickly on their own, but that the federal government was there to support them if needed.

6. “Trump did not call coronavirus a ‘hoax.'”

As TheBlaze has reported, other news agencies have debunked this accusation, including CBS’ Scott Pelley who corrected failed presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg when he leveled the same charge against Trump. “He said the Democrats making so much of it is a Democratic hoax, not that the virus was a hoax,” Pelley said.

This one is especially comical since Joe Biden is the one who initially edited Trump’s words to suggest that Trump was calling the virus itself a hoax. Ya know… the guy who fabricates and has selective memory about literally everything.

7. “The American people do approve of the way the president is handling the coronavirus.”

According to a nationwide ABC News/Ipsos study taken March 18-19, 55% of Americans approve of the president’s management of COVID-19. Meanwhile, a separate survey by Harris Insights found nearly identical numbers with 56% supporting him.

8. “The president said Google was working with him to create a virus testing website for all Americans.”

Democratic pundits nit-picked his words and argued he made a false statement as it is Verily, and not Google, that is developing the website. However, as TheBlaze pointed out, Verily is a Google company and spokespeople for both entities have confirmed they are indeed collaborating on a COVID-19 triage website.

Check out his monologue here: