Bloomberg Breaks His Promise to Staffers — Begins Layoffs Early In Midst of Pandemic


Michael Bloomberg is just a lovely man, isn’t he?  No, he’s a total turd!

From BuzzFeed:

Staffers of former presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg are staring down the possibility of losing their jobs and health care in the middle of an unprecedented pandemic.

When he joined the race last year, the billionaire said he would employ his campaign staff through the November election, even if he weren’t the nominee. But Bloomberg dropped out after a poor showing on Super Tuesday, and he has since fired staffers in multiple waves. His campaign had announced earlier in March that it would launch an independent expenditure group to take on Trump that would employ former campaign staffers in swing states.

Instead of creating his own organization in swing states, Bloomberg’s campaign said on Friday, he will donate $18 million to the Democratic National Committee — allowing the party to potentially hire organizers themselves.

That means many Bloomberg organizers are out of a job. Organizers in six swing states were informed this morning that they were being let go and given instructions for applying to the DNC.

“He’s chopping his employees in a pandemic,” said one staffer in Florida, who asked to remain anonymous because they had signed a nondisclosure agreement. “My life is now uprooted and I’m effectively homeless.”

A Bloomberg campaign spokesperson said that staffers in the six battleground states who were supposed to be part of the former candidate’s now-aborted group “will be employed and paid through the first week in April and have full benefits through the end of April.”

The Florida staffer, who had previously been on Medicaid, moved to a swing state on the promise of a stable, well-paying job through November. Without their own place to live, the staffer said, they planned to stay with family to wait out the coronavirus outbreak.

The man is a liar and has no heart.  Don’t make promises you aren’t willing to keep.

It’s one thing to lay them off since his campaign is over.  But why can’t the compassionate, liberal billionaire pay the employees health insurance through the end of the year?  The reason is he’s a liberal.  Liberals aren’t generous or compassionate with THEIR OWN MONEY.  They are only generous with YOUR MONEY.  Bloomberg would rather these folks end up on Medicaid or at the ER to get care.  That ER care ends up costing all of us.

Staffers have been advised to apply for jobs with the DNC.  One staffer lamented, “There are good people out there that left their jobs behind to go work for a candidate that honestly most of us didn’t believe in the first place,” said the former staffer in Florida. “We did it for the necessity. We did it for the job security.”

This may sound harsh, but this is what happens when you sell your soul and dance with the Devil.  Hopefully the bad press will cause Mike to step up to the plate and keep his promises.  I know “Mike can get it done”.