Trump Shuts Down Fear Mongering NBC Reporter: ‘You’re A Terrible Reporter’

Mary R

Listen up everyone these daily press briefings are not for childish games.

They are meant to serve a purpose. That purpose happens to be updating the American people of the ways the government is handling the coronavirus crisis.

These updates typically affect people’s ability to pay bills, feed their families, and pay rent.

REPORTERS FOR THE MAINSTREAM NEWS ARE OFFICIALLY THE WORST! They ask stupid questions that serve their agenda rather than getting answers for the American people that could help clarify all the new bills and policies going into effect.

Once again, a reporter messes on the floor of the White House press room, and Donald Trump rubs his nose in it!

There will be people that accuse Trump of continuing the war on the press.

We know the real truth. The truth is that Trump and all of us, for that matter, are fed up with the bull s***.

We all must sit through these press briefings. We are all trying to make sense of all the information being hurled at us. Now is the time to prove us wrong and actually do your job.  Now is the time to show us that you do know how to be a nonbiased journalist that isn’t only going to ask “gotcha” questions.

Also, this because Pompeo is a bad a**, and shut this reporter down. STOP ASKING GOTCHA QUESTIONS AND DO YOUR JOB!