Trump Destroys the Liberal Media: ‘We Should Get Rid of 80% of You’

Mary R

Another day at the White House which means another press conference on coronavirus. Trump is doing his part to entertain conservatives stuck in quarantine.

Every day we must listen to reporters ask stupid questions like this:

Instead of asking pertinent questions about steps, the government and American citizens must take to fight the virus; they are asking whether the name we have given the virus is racist. It is not racist in case you needed to hear that.

Trump’s way of speaking is endearing to most Americans because it is not politically correct. He trolls his haters as much as we want him to, and it makes me so happy. There isn’t a lot to be happy about right now, so just give me this. Ok liberals, ok?

A reporter asked Trump at his press conference about guidance for congress that has been affected by the coronavirus.

Trump responds in only a way that he could answer:

“I know all of them, and I don’t know if they are sitting like you people are sitting. You are actually sitting too close. We should probably get rid of about another 75-80% of you. I’ll have just two or three; I like in this room.”

If you can’t see the video, Trump has one of his cheeky smirks on his face. He is clearly trolling them, and it is glorious.

Trump ends the press conference by telling two of the journalists they could leave immediately! Because Trump knows just what conservatives need to get us through this time! And, I, for one, thank him from the bottom of my heart.

“You two, you should leave immediately.”

Tomorrow the narrative will be that Trump is attacking journalists again. Trump hates the press because he wants to become a supreme leader. We know the truth, but it doesn’t make it any less frustrating. We deserve better from the press.

But today, today we get to live in the moment where Trump expertly trolls reporters hell-bent on gotcha questioning.