Bernie Demands Businesses Are Required to Sell Equity to Govt in Exchange for Govt Assistance

Erin Evans

Bernie Sanders is a socialist.  Not a “democratic socialist” but a full-on Marxist, bordering-on-communist, socialist.

I’m so tired of people claiming that Bernie’s version of “democratic socialism” doesn’t look anything like Venezuela or Cuba – he just praises aspects of those regimes, like Cuba’s high literacy rates – he’s not advocating for empty shelves or government control.

Except that, time and time again, Bernie Sanders has proven he loathes capitalism – the socioeconomic system that has done more to raise people out of poverty worldwide than literally anything else.

Remember when he said we don’t need so many deodorant options?  Good times.

Name ONE industry Bernie doesn’t want to nationalize.  I’ll wait.

Now, Bernie is suggesting we use the current coronavirus pandemic to basically bring in socialism through the backdoor:

“We must make sure that companies, they get bailouts, are required to sell their equity to the government and put workers on their board directors.”

Scenario: You have a small business and need help because the government forced your business to close to help prevent the spread of disease.  Instead of loan, the government will give you aid in exchange for a piece of your company.

This is a backdoor to nationalization, plain and simple.  Socialism, by definition, is the public (read: governmental) ownership of the means of production.  Bernie would take businesses that have no other option because we are in the middle of a national emergency and make aid contingent on giving up part of the business to the government.

This is evil.  This is socialism.  This is Bernie Sanders.