How Cute Is This?! Woman Celebrates Her 100th Birthday In Coronavirus Quarantine

Mary R

Millie Erickson lives in a retirement community called Sterling Village in Sterling, Massachusetts.

She recently turned 100 years old, which is a cause for celebration.

How do you celebrate your loved one turning 100 if they are the most at-risk contracting the coronavirus?

By singing “Happy Birthday” loudly outside their bedroom window, of course!

Her family needed to get creative while celebrating her birthday and it is just the cutest. All the family that could gather came and sang to Millie.

Outside of the window of her nursing home, her family sang and celebrated her birthday the best way they are able. They may not be able to touch physically, but you can see that the love connection was made.

Also, make note of her spunky cowboy hat! How cute is that?!

I love how happy she looks and how happy her family is to be there.

Continuing to break up the constant coronavirus coverage with sweet videos like this will help heal the stress and anxiety that most Americans are feeling.

We have got to keep living life. Even if life has to become adjusted and more digital, we can still show compassion, kindness, and love to those around us. It takes nothing to be kind.