The Feel Good Video The World Needs Right Now

Mary R

Last year this man lost his son who was 16 years old in a car accident. His son was an organ donor, and his heart was able to be used to save another person’s life.

The recipient of his son’s heart sent his dad a teddy bear with the recording of his son’s heart beating inside the recipient. It is so lovely to watch this dad hug the teddy bear and listen to his son’s heart beating once again. I cried like a little happy baby when watching this video.

Losing a loved one is tragic and I don’t think you can ever really prepare for it. I just lost my grandfather who I loved very much. This is such a beautiful gesture.

I hope this video brings you happiness and smiles at an uncertain time. Remember to love the ones you have. Keep them safe, hug them, and show some kindness to a stranger today.