The Biden Bernie Showdown Went Pretty Much Like You’d Expect.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

Did y’all watch? It started with an elbow-bump and the podiums placed 6 feet apart, even though the moderators were basically right next to each other, because if there’s anything the media is AWESOME at, it’s sending out completely contradictory messages.

This is a perfect representation of what the entire evening was like:

Also, if you’re in an energy production industry, please be advised that Joe Biden wants to eliminate your job.

Bernie Sanders quadrupled down on praise for dictators:

And both of these old fools have no interest in enforcing our laws.

Things got heated when they talked SuperPACs.

Mostly they just sounded like two old dudes shaking rakes at each other.

There was that moment near the beginning where Joe couldn’t remember the name of a previous virus:


And there was that moment where Joe forgot what a debate actually IS:

THen there was the YouTube fight:

Oh Joe.  You know video lives forever.

Anyway, it was your standard commie sh*tshow.