Seattle-Area Homeless Man Believed To Have Coronavirus Skipped Self-Quarantine

Mary R

It should be no shock to our readers exactly how I feel about the way the left deals with the homeless crisis. Hint: It’s not great.

They allow the homeless population to sleep, urinate, and defecate on the sidewalk. These sidewalks are in front of restaurants, grocery stores, and homes. It is entirely unacceptable to allow this type of health hazard to be going on in our nation.

Now we are learning that a Seattle based homeless man has tested positive for coronavirus. The man was being held in a motel being used for quarantining suspected coronavirus symptoms. Before his test came back, the man skipped quarantine.


How do you allow someone to leave lockdown? Especially a homeless person who will not be going back to their house but rather back on to the public streets ready to spread this disease.

If the entire nation is about to go on lockdown how are we supposed to stop the spread of a virus if we can’t even keep the people suspected of carrying the virus in lockdown?!

The suspect left the self-quarantine site. He went across the street to allegedly rob the 7-11. Then he jumped onto a bus and left. This man could be anywhere. He could be spreading coronavirus left and right because the left has not been able to handle their homeless problem.

I understand the need to not play the blame game at a time like this, but we should also be aware that left policies will not help in a crisis. We should use these times to evaluate how things in our government are run and decide for November’s elections whether we vote these people out or not.