Joe Biden Loses A Game Of Chicken With Bernie

Mary R

Did you watch last night’s debate? Yeah, me neither.

These two are a joke. I recorded it and watched it this morning. You know times are weird when a debate holding the two leading Democrats running for President is happening, and the world is not tuning in.

As I suspected, the debate was full of liberal-left policies and two ancient white men screaming for more social justice. How can anyone look at these two men and think that they should be running the country?

They start screaming about how their money was raised. Listen, both guys are crooked. We know that most politicians are owned by the companies that donate the most amount of money. Nothing is going to change if we have the same ability for super PACS to raise millions for candidates.

Joe brings up Bernie’s “9 super PACS” and expects Bernie to lie down. Well, Bernie calls Joe on his bluff and wins. Joe Biden couldn’t even name one super PAC that donates to Bernie’s campaign. He is left once again, looking like a confused and angry old man with zero answers.

What was Joe Biden thinking? He can’t remember what day it is much less the names of 9 super PACs that are funding Bernie Sanders’s campaign. I love how Bernie told Joe that he wasn’t going to give him a break this time!

Joe Biden is not fit for office much less a debate stage. Get this man home and in bed!

If you are wondering the largest corporate donations to Bernie’s campaign are:

Top Contributors, 2015 – 2020

Contributor Total Individuals PACs
American Postal Workers Union $15,005 $5,005 $10,000
Google Inc $10,921 $10,921 $0 $10,849 $849 $10,000
Service Employees International Union $10,496 $5,496 $5,000
University of Michigan $10,406 $10,406 $0