Hunter Biden Finally Agrees To Pay Child Support After Paternity Test Results with Ex-Stripper

Mary R

Hunter Biden is the last living son of Democratic Presidential hopeful Joe Biden. Hunter has been in the news a lot lately for several reasons. Including his corrupt connection to Ukraine and China, and his inability to keep it in his pants.

Hunter Biden visited a strip club in 2018 that resulted in the conception of his 4th child.

Hunter spent a year denying that this child was his, but paternity tests don’t lie buddy. After a judge signs, an order declaring you the father and the state of Arkansas must re-write the birth certificate, there is really no avenue to deny any longer.

This moves us onto the matter at hand. Hunter has spent the last half of 2019, claiming that he cannot financially support this child, but was seen driving around in a Porsche that costs more money than most of us make in a year.

Seeing this, I’m sure, along with the fact that it’s Hunter Biden, and not for a second does anyone believe that he doesn’t have the means to support a child, the judge orders Hunter Biden to pay up or go to jail. You can find the child support order here thanks to Fox News.

Biden has been less than helpful, and the judge has had to put Hunter Biden in contempt of court for not providing proof of his financial state. The court ordered Biden to pay the mother of his child starting February 1, 2020, and it is supposed to contain an undisclosed amount that is considered a retroactive payment from November 2018 to the present.

The Judge’s order for child support says: “The Court specifically reserves the right to retroactively amend or modify child support without the need for the filing of a proper motion by either party to modify support. If the evidence indicates that the defendant should have paid more in support than the amount set forth in this Order, the Court may order that he pay an additional amount after receiving credit for the amount he has paid.”

This means that when Hunter Biden sends all his financials over to the Arkansas court system, the judge can order Biden to pay even more money in child support both monthly and retroactively. It’s great to see a scum bag be forced to help financially raise a child that he has spent the child’s entire life-denying. I wonder if we will be lucky enough to get ahold of his financials. If they are made public, it would be effortless to prove his connection to Ukraine, China, and any other nefarious dealings he had as because of his father being Vice President.