Come On, Conservatives. USE YOUR BRAINS.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

I don’t know why I’m surprised by how many of our followers can’t recognize satire, even when it’s pointed out to them directly, but alas, we have many many many followers who simply don’t get it.

Recently, I posted a satirical video from Gavin McInnes, one in which he pretends to be his Che-loving, politically correct twin brother, listing the ten reasons people shouldn’t see Star Wars. I’ve posted his videos before, and usually every time I do, I make a point to explain that it’s satire, because unfortunately there are far too many people who don’t get it otherwise.  That alone is disappointing, but when they don’t even get it WHEN I SPELL IT OUT FOR THEM?  It’s downright embarrassing.

It reminds me of the time I posted that Betty White Dyes Peacefully At Home story. Remember that? I spelled out in clear language right above that headline that people should read before they comment, because it was about Betty White dyeing her hair, and yet a zillion people were all, “OMG RIP BETTY WHITE!” They did that because they either didn’t bother to read the disclaimer or the actual article itself which made it very clear that Betty White was alive and well, OR they read it, but are just plain idiots who still decided, inexplicably, that she was dead.

It’s amazing to watch this happen.  And it happened again with the Star Wars post. It’s unreal. First, here’s a screenshot of the post itself. Look at the sentences immediately underneath the video.


2015-12-20 12 21 47


See that?  I’m telling people in clear, plain English that the video is satirical.  And then I even go further to say that I AM FREAKING SEEING THE MOVIE myself this week.  How much clearer can I be, I ask you?

But it’s pointless.  Just check out some of these comments (I’ve hidden the names here just because I feel sorry for them, but if you don’t believe that this is happening, just check out the link!) :

2015-12-20 12 23 15

2015-12-20 12 23 30

2015-12-20 12 23 42

2015-12-20 12 23 54

2015-12-20 12 24 14


2015-12-20 12 24 232015-12-20 12 27 30

2015-12-20 12 26 19

These people call Gavin’s character all kinds of names, calling out his stupidity, when they are the ones who have completely missed the joke.


Thankfully, we have plenty of followers who know what’s going on, and who get as aggravated by these ridiculous comments as I do:

2015-12-20 12 24 57 2015-12-20 12 25 07 2015-12-20 12 25 16

2015-12-20 12 41 35

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to those folks for using their brains.  I wish more people would follow suit.

Helpful tip.  If you’re going to comment on a post, make sure you’ve read it first.  If you’ve read it, and it says, “Hey this is satire!” then make sure you don’t say something that makes it plainly evident to everyone that you don’t know what satire is.  I’m trying to help you here.  Please stop making conservatives look bad.

Thank you.